Aloe There Hydrating Mist

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The Aloe There Hydrating Mist will refresh your face and body while nourishing and cooling your skin. Perfect for those hot summer days, after scorching yourself in the sun and for rehydrating on airplanes or in the office air con.

The all-natural cooling and hydrating mist contains fresh aloe leaf juice, cucumber seed water, jasmine water and witch hazel. This unique combination provides and tones skin with instant hydration.

Shake before using. Spray all over face & body. Quick tip: Put it in the fridge beforehand for extra cooling goodness!

Demineralised water, Aloe Vera juice, Cucumber seed water, Witch hazel, Radish Root Ferment filtrate (natural preservative) & Jasmine water.

10% of the profits of the sale of this product goes to The Clean Ocean Foundation to help reduce ocean pollution and improve the environment for all marine life.